Test results and specimens

Like all GP surgeries, our telephone lines can be extremely busy in the early morning so we ask you please to telephone for test results after 10:00am. Alternatively you can also access your results Online. See the Online Service leaflet Online Service for Patients Leaflet  or ask at reception for more information.  To ensure confidentiality we can only release results TO THE PATIENT PERSONALLY, not to spouses or partners or parents unless disclose to a third party has been agreed in writing,  CONSENT FOR THIRD PARTY (A5) Administrative staff will be unable to interpret results but they can arrange for a Doctor or Nurse to phone you with more information and advice.

The Health Centre will notify you if your test results require further action BUT please ring in to check things are normal if you don’t hear anything.

If you are asked to bring a specimen to the Health Centre please make sure that it is in the proper sealed container and is clearly labelled with your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH and NHS NUMBER. All specimens need to be placed in a clear bag before handing over to the Reception desk. Our reception staff are NOT allowed to touch specimens.