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Medicines for self-care

Medicines for self-care, you don’t need a GP appointment, you can go directly to your pharmacy.

NHS South Devon & Torbay Commissioning Group (CCG) supports GP practices in promoting self-care. Part of self-care involves reducing prescribing of medicines and supplies which have limited clinic value to the patient or are more suitable for patients to buy over the counter at a pharmacy, some shops or supermarkets.

In 2014, South Devon & Torbay CCG spent almost £500,000 on these medicines and supplies. This money could have been better spent on treating more serious conditions.  Part of the self-care initiative involves reducing the prescribing of these medicines.  Significantly reducing money spent on minor ailments will mean that additional money will be available for treating more serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.  Many self-care medicines are low cost and readily available from pharmacies, shops or supermarkets.  You can get advice from your pharmacist without making an appointment and any consultation you have in the pharmacy will be confidential and discreet in a private area, and many pharmacies are open in the evenings and at weekends.

One of the current areas of focus is on medicines prescribed is for hay fever. In line with the CCG direction, where appropriate, practices are asking patients to buy hay fever medicines themselves.

For more information on the medicines and supplies to purchase over the counter at your local pharmacy please read the detail on the CCG website  Select / click on “Your Health” then “Medicines for self-care” and/or “Gluten free prescribing”

The CCG also have a leaflet which you can pick up at the Health Centre to find out more.

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