Patient Group

There is a long established patient participation group for both health centres which meets three times a year. Theobjectives of the group are:

  • To enable doctors, staff and management to meet with and listen to the views and opinions of a balanced cross-section of Health Centre users
  • To help the Health Centres interpret patient opinion survey results and develop improvement action plans.
  • To help the Health Centres prioritise funding and options for improvements.
  • To help the Health Centres communicate and implement changes.
  • To support and assist with establishing a league of friends as a registered charity. The league would compliment the work of local patient support groups and oversee initiatives to raise funds to purchase medical equipment, facilities and items which might help improve the education and/or comfort of patients, carers and/or the healthcare team

Please feel free to contact local PPG members. They are keen to hear from you if you have any issues (good or bad!) regarding the Health Centres and the services provided which you might like them to raise and/or discuss at their quarterly forum meetings.

Anne Budd                           01803 872394 or

Bill Barnes                           01803 813128 or

Peter Chapman                   01626 361758 or

Eric Collar                            01626 333375

Ian Cooper                           01803 872926

Lesley Hocking       

Ursula Hunt              

Peter Kerr                            01803 812550

Peter Lister                

Brian Mackness                 01626 356004 or

David Miller              

David Ritchie            

Seona Wilson                     01803 814359 (Ipplepen Health Centre only please)


They are also displayed in the waiting rooms of both health centers. If you are interested in volunteering to join the forum please contact Sonia Cartwright, Managers Assistant ( We are always short of teenagers and young parents!