Hay Fever

South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for buying and developing healthcare services for our patients. The CCG is constantly considering the services offered to patients to ensure this will result in better patient outcomes, better quality, and value for money.

The CCG want to significantly reduce the money spent on medicines for minor ailments so that more money is available for treating more serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

The CCG want to do this by asking patients to buy inexpensive medicines themselves where appropriate, as a practice we agree with this approach.

Previously you may have received items for hay fever on prescription, such as:

Beclomethasone nasal spray
Beconase nasal spray
Fluticasone nasal spray
Flixonase nasal spray
Cetirizine tablets
Cetirizine liquid
Loratadine tablets
Loratadine liquid
Chlorphenamine tablets
Chlorphenamine liquid
Acrivastine tablets
Opticrom (sodium cromoglicate) eye drops

This medication is available over the counter from pharmacies, supermarkets and other outlets without needing to see the doctor or coming to the practice.

The practice in keeping with the CCG direction, is asking that you purchase these items yourself, rather than receiving them on prescription.

Therefore the practice will not issue prescriptions for patients wanting hay fever medicines which are available to buy over-the-counter

We recommend that you ask for a non-branded (generic) product to treat your symptoms, as these contain the same drug and often cost significantly less than the branded version.

We hope that you appreciate the reason for this decision but should you want to discuss this change in approach or have any queries please contact the patient experience team at the CCG:

Telephone: 01803 652 578 (lines are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

Email: patientfeedback.sdtccg@nhs.net

Write to: Patient Experience
NHS South Devon and Torbay CCG
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